Joseph Naegele

About Joe

Joe Naegele is the Lead Engineer at Grier Forensics, where he currently leads Origination of all new advanced research and development projects. Joe has led development of SilentWeb, an analytics platform for large scale (600 TB) web data developed for the US Air Force; FireSky, Grier’s distributed cyber defense system for tactical IP networks, also developed for the US Air Force; Thunderboost, Grier’s automated forensics platform; and the Great DANE suite of tools for email security.

Prior to joining Grier, Joe served as Software Engineer at the Functional MRI Facility at the National Institutes of Health, where he helped develop a medical image reconstruction framework using Python and C++, which stored, converted, and extracted MRI data, provided on-screen visualizations, and performed statistical analysis. He also helped create the ISMRM format for MRI datasets, including APIs for C/C++, Python, and MATLAB. His work resulted in peer-reviewed publication in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, as well as a popular open source implementation.

In his spare time, Joe enjoys buiding fun demos to learn new technology, skateboarding and working out, making music in his studio, practicing Spanish, and planning the next big thing for his two beautiful young children.