Joseph Naegele



Lead Engineer @ Grier Forensics

Apr 2020 - Now
Owings Mills, MD

Senior Software Engineer @ Grier Forensics

Jan 2016 - Mar 2020
Owings Mills, MD

Software Developer @ the Functional MRI Facility (NIMH/NIH)

Sep 2011 – Dec 2015
Bethesda, MD


M.S. in Computer Science

Georgia Institute of Technology, Fall 2018

High-performance computing and information security focus

B.S. in Computer Engineering

University of Maryland, College Park, Summer 2011

Operating systems and embedded development focus


  1. Inati, S. J., Naegele, J. D., Zwart, N. R., Roopchansingh, V., Lizak, M. J., Hansen, D. C., Liu, C.-Y., Atkinson, D., Kellman, P., Kozerke, S., Xue, H., Campbell-Washburn, A. E., Sørensen, T. S. and Hansen, M. S. (2016), ISMRM Raw data format: A proposed standard for MRI raw datasets. Magn Reson Med. doi: 10.1002/mrm.26089


Distinguished Achievement Award

Kelly Government Solutions, 2013

For technical skill, enthusiasm, capacity for learning, and completion of several complex projects.

Distinguished Achievement Award

Kelly Government Solutions, 2015

For computing environment improvements and contributions to ISMRMRD and Gadgetron.

Technical Qualifications


C++, C, Python, Go, Scala, Java, SQL, Haskell, Rust, Javascript, HTML, x86/PIC/MIPS assembly


Git, GCC/Clang, LLVM, CMake, Vim, IntelliJ, Eclipse, GDB, Valgrind, Bison, Flex, QEMU


Language/Compiler Design
Compiler/Interpreter Construction, Garbage Collection, Optimization
Operating Systems
Multitasking, Scheduling, Memory Management, File Systems
Modern Computing
Distributed Systems, Machine Learning, Concurrency

Personal Projects

Luci - a lightweight programming language

DuneOS - simple x86 Unix-like operating system

BreweryDB for Go - Go library for the BreweryDB web API

Go ACLs - Go bindings to POSIX Access Control Lists

Nolli - a prototype embeddable, statically-typed programming language

Thruput - a TCP/UDP network throughput measurement tool