Joseph Naegele



Senior Software Engineer | Jan 2016 - Now | Grier Forensics, LLC | Garrison, MD

Software Developer | Sep 2011 – Dec 2015 | Functional MRI Facility (NIMH/NIH) | Bethesda, MD


M.S. in Computer Science | Georgia Institute of Technology | Current

Focus on high-performance computing and information security

B.S. in Computer Engineering | University of Maryland, College Park | Summer 2011

Focus on operating systems and embedded development


Inati, S. J., Naegele, J. D., Zwart, N. R., Roopchansingh, V., Lizak, M. J., Hansen, D. C., Liu, C.-Y., Atkinson, D., Kellman, P., Kozerke, S., Xue, H., Campbell-Washburn, A. E., Sørensen, T. S. and Hansen, M. S. (2016), ISMRM Raw data format: A proposed standard for MRI raw datasets. Magn Reson Med. doi: 10.1002/mrm.26089


2013 Distinguished Achievement Award – Kelly Government Solutions

For technical skill, enthusiasm, capacity for learning, and completion of several complex projects.

2015 Distinguished Achievement Award - Kelly Government Solutions

For computing environment improvements and contributions to ISMRMRD and Gadgetron.

Technical Qualifications


C++, C, Python, Go, Scala, Java, SQL, Haskell, Rust, Javascript, HTML, x86/PIC/MIPS assembly


Git, GCC/Clang, LLVM, CMake, Vim, IntelliJ, Eclipse, GDB, Valgrind, Bison, Flex, QEMU


Programming language and compiler design
compiler/interpreter construction, garbage collection, optimization
Operating systems
multitasking, scheduling, memory management, file systems
Modern computing
distributed systems, machine learning, concurrency

Personal Projects

Luci - a lightweight programming language

DuneOS - simple x86 Unix-like operating system

BreweryDB for Go - Go library for the BreweryDB web API

Go ACLs - Go bindings to POSIX Access Control Lists

Nolli - a prototype embeddable, statically-typed programming language

Thruput - a TCP/UDP network throughput measurement tool